Best Laid Plans

If you know me at all, this will not be a shock: I like plans.  I mean, even if I’m against the plan we’ve set, I like that there IS a plan, and I like that progress can be made, goals can be seen, and uncertainty can be slain where it stands.

So today, I bring good news and bad.  The good news is that I’ve un-made-up my mind, and maybe I’m not leaving.  I think maybe there are more options to be explored, more things to be considered, and jumping head first into ‘I’m Giving Up!’ isn’t the best thing for my psyche.  That being said, my psyche is SO MAD AT ME right now, because it would rather have a plan (even one that doesn’t sound too great) than this swirling mass of uncertainty.

Plan-loving me wants to tell you all that since I did away with the well-defined 66 days, I’m doing away with this goal to live more life.  It wants to tell you that instead I’m just going to lie around, watch tv, freak out about having no plans, and forget all about this ‘change’ stuff.

But you know what?  Plan-loving me needs to go to hell, because life isn’t founded on plans, and plans rarely work out as expected.  Plan-loving me needs to take a step back.  So.  I can’t tell you where I’ll be in 66 days.  I can’t really tell you where I’ll be in a week or so.  But until then…

Let’s work out.  Let’s eat better.  Let’s read self help books and just embrace all the cheesiness that is finding the way to a better life.  Let’s spend more time outside and less on our couches.  Let’s sleep less, but also sleep better.  Let’s hug our dogs and love each other and journal about nothing and update our blogs.

I don’t need a plan.  But I do need help (god that hurts to say out loud).  Let’s hold each other accountable and get to a better place.  Seriously, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  Let’s make plans (little ones, to do things, and go places!).  Let’s have real talk. Let’s get coffee (no, I’m not sick of coffee yet).



One thought on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Best of luck, but good on you! Trust what you are willing to do/what you think is best and take chances. And appreciate what you do have :)

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