Real Friends

Real friends want you to succeed at stuff you care about.  Real friends care about your worries and your problems.  Real friends don’t judge your taste in music, or clothing, or books, or food.  Real friends are willing to wait until you’re out of class to get dinner.  Real friends notice when they offend you.  Real friends make it known that they have your back, day or night.  Real friends can be counted on.  Real friends are in it for the long haul.  Real friends don’t play mind games.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give anyone is this:
Go get yourself some real friends.  Take the time and effort to cut toxic people out of your life, and start fresh.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard.  The journey is long, and you have to make it through the ‘I have no friends’ period of transition.  People will judge you, you will judge yourself, and you’ll probably have to swallow your pride, and put yourself out there for people.  But trust me – in the end, it is worth it.  You have no idea the effect the people you see, admire, listen to, and praise have on your life.  Make sure they’re the right kind.


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