Because I’m A Girl

Because I’m a girl, haircuts make me feel better.

(: – – – – :)

I used to be very focused on the fact that being a girl sucks.  And it does, it definitely does.  I mean, for one, there are periods.  And on the other 26 days of the month, you still have too many hormones.  Things make you cry for no reason.  Bra shopping sucks.  You don’t get to propose, or ask anyone to prom, or ask a guy out (without seeming a little too outgoing).  Clothes you look good in are not comfortable.  If you value being comfortable, you don’t get to be ‘one of the pretty ones’.  Make up takes a long time.  Nice shoes are expensive.  You have to find a bathroom to pee and can’t just do it in a bottle while on a road trip.  Right-out-of-bed hair only works on guys.  If you cut your hair to short all guys think you’re a lesbian.  I could go on…but I won’t.

The point is, being a girl doesn’t have to suck.  At the same time, it’s not really awesome, either.  It just is.  Can we all accept that?

Can we accept that haircuts make me feel better, I think pretty shoes are worth the pain, and I will NEVER have enough nail polish colors?  That sometimes I need to cry, that when I need chocolate you should get it for me without question, and that I love a good sappy book that makes me cry?  Can we just accept that it takes me a while to go shopping, and that if you don’t tell me it looks good I won’t buy it, and that I always feel guilty when I eat too many carbs, even though I’m not fat?  Let’s just accept these things, you and I.  I am a girl.  I need to change my hair a lot, just because.  I need to be told I’m beautiful.  I tell everyone I was too cool for prom, but actually I wasn’t cool enough.  I know that nerdy girls don’t win, and sometimes I’m ashamed of all my books and my love for R2-D2.

(: – – – – :)

I am a girl.  It is what it is.


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